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January 2007
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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Classic
Columbus, Ohio

The Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness Classic invaded Columbus, Ohio in March in fine style.  The Governor of California attended the event he created which has expanded even more this year and added new programs such as Yoga for Sports, the Arnold Strength Summit and the Arnold Fencing Classic.  It is now the  world's largest fitness event.

Kathryn Lorz, the spokesperson for the Arnold Classic, said that Arnold would "be back" this year and so he was - Governorship of California notwithstanding! As the man said at the event, "No matter what I do - if it is acting or if it is business or if it is politics - I will always be a bodybuilder".

Schwarzenegger first went to Columbus for the Mr. World competitions in the 1970s and promised to go back and promote weightlifting and sport.  He first partnered to produce the Mr. Olympia event and then The Arnold Classic was created in 1989.  Attracting over 3000 women and 500 men across a wide range of disciplines it is now the largest gymnastics event in the USA. 

Accompanying the sporting events at The Classic is a major exhibition with over 600 exhibitors.  One key exhibitor was Next Protein of Carlsbad, California. Next Protein class themselves as "harnessing the power of whey" and have become the developer and manufacturer of the country's leading whey-based products with some very well known brand names.  Founded by three times Olympic champion David Jenkins, Next Protein was a "garage-to-success" story. Within four years of David introducing his first products they became the country's number one selling protein powder.  Next introduced the world's first protein candy bar in 2002 called DETOUR™ and today it is the fastest selling protein bar in history.  Two other greats followed with U-TURN™ and ONEWAY™.

Next Protein has always been committed to excellence and this was also the case with their booth at the Arnold Classic.  Angels helped make the booth a success by providing knowledgeable (and fit!) staff to talk to customers and hand out samples of Next Protein's products.  Even Arnold came along to take a look! (pictured here with Laura, one of the Angels' team).

As with the many other shows, events and exhibitions that Angels has helped with over the years, success is about providing the right people with the right skills to do the job!


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