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European and World Paintball Championships
Crystal Palace, England

The World Paintball Championships took place at Crystal Palace Stadium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2002.  Organised by Campaign Paintball, the Campaign Cup is the longest established paintball tournament in the world.  The professional side of the sport came out of the woods (almost literally!) 3 to 4 years ago into game arenas made up of large inflatable barricades. Eight of these different arenas were set up at Crystal Palace.

150 teams took part from countries as widespread as the USA and Russia, with teams from all over the UK and Europe participating as well, making this the largest paintball event ever held in Europe. Many celebrities are involved in paintball competition and some attended the event with their own teams including Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees.
Angels were everywhere looking after the teams and their guests, helping with the trophy
presentations and providing entertainment during the various competitions. A team of Angels dancers kept the attention of the audience between games. Who knows! - next year Angels may have its own paintball team! Something to look out for......

Anyone interested in joining in the fun should contact Campaign Paintball in Cobham, Surrey. The contact details are as follows:

Office Address:
Campaign Paintball, 16 Anyards Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 2JZ
Park Address:
Hook Wood, Old Lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1NH
01932 865999
01932 865444


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